Shipping vehicles by container

blog 3-1★  Container shipping is used for several reasons.

★  Some ports do not have RORO shipping.

★  Sending several cars in one container can be cheaper than sending them individually by RORO.

★  Containers provide security and safety as well as weather protection.

Unlike RORO however, the freight is not the only cost involved.

There is a charge of 25000yen to 30000yen per car for securing the vehicles in the container (known as “vanning” or “lashings”), and a THC (Terminal Handling Charge).

The good news: There is a 15000yen export fee included in our FOB/export charge, so the extra charges for containers does not add up to all that much.

e.g. If there are 4 cars in the container, the total vanning cost would be around 100000yen, so the customer would need to pay 40000yen (15000yen x 4 = 60000yen is already paid in the FOB charge).

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