Purchase Process

Here is the procedure for buying vehicles from Japanese auctions.

1- Register With Get Cars Japan 

Complete the free registration process by clicking below.

Go To Registration

2- Choose Your Car

Search the Japanese auctions for the model you require.

Narrow down your search using year, grade, mileage, etc.

Submit a translation request should you wish for more information.

3- Enter a Proxy Bid

Send your proxy bid to us by 9am on the day of the auction.  We will bid live on the auction up to your maximum bid and try to purchase it for as cheap as possible.

4- Pay For Vehicle Purchase

After we buy your car, you will receive a notification email, and an invoice on the same day.

5- Finalization

Once the funds are received your vehicle will be shipped as soon as possible.  You only need to tell us the port and name and address of the new owner at the destination.