Find Immaculate Classic Cars in Japanese Auctions

A lot of people don’t realize that Japan is the perfect place to buy classic foreign cars in excellent condition, not only Japanese cars.


Because cities are close together and most people commute by train, there is a goldmine of classic cars to be found here. Just today a customer found this beautiful 1987 Porsche convertible in the auctions.  We visited the auction to check it out for him and were surprised at how beautiful it was. Genuine 29,735klms on the odometer !

And this is not so rare. The interesting thing is, he wants to import it to Europe. With the quality and longevity of prestige cars making even 15 to 20 year old vehicles comparable to current models, we highly recommend enthusiasts and collectors search the auctions. Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, and even classic Chevrolet, Ford and other American makers are common and often sell for great prices.





  1. I was certainly glad the boss sent me to check this one out …

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