FAQ with Get Cars Japan Ltd. vary. Common FAQ are following below but be sure to contact us should your particular question not be listed. We are happy to help.

Q: It seems like this car was sold at another auction recently.
Is it common for someone to buy car and then resell at auction in short time frame?

A:This is actually more common that you would expect.
There are dealers who buy cars at bargain prices, then clean and enter them in another auction soon after to try and make a profit.
Another possibility is the seller got his mates to bid to push the price up, but it backfired and he then had to move it to another auction to sell.
We should also consider that the person who bought the car may have found something wrong with it, and entered it straight back in the auction.

Q: The result for the car I bid on today is not showing on your auction page. Why is this?

A: Some auctions take time for the result to appear in the auction page as our server has to wait for the data to be released. In rare cases they do not appear at all. We have this problem especially with USS auctions (the start time is also not correct). This site is not maintained by us, but an independent data gatherer that provides all of the upcoming auction items as well as result listings.

Q: Is it normal for a car to NOT have log books?

A: On the auction sheet there are 2 sections.
The first is for the seller to fill out and write his “sales points”
The second is for the auction inspector to write any details he thinks the buyer needs to know about the car (mainly anything wrong or changed).
It is quite common for the seller not to mention service records or log books even if the car has them.
But it is also a good selling point, so many people do write it.
If you do not want a car without service logs, it may be best to not bid on those that do not mention it because there is a chance they are lost or not available.

Q: What does “Passed” or “Not Sold” mean on the auction result?

A: This means the vehicle did not sell due to bidding not reaching the seller’s reserve price.  In these cases, we can make offers via the auction house to negotiate a purchase price.

Q: I have heard of people paying money to a company in Japan and not receiving their car. How can I be sure I am not going to lose my money?

A: Cases of such fraud do seem to occur. This is why you need to choose a certified company that is a member of an accredited organization that can vouch for them.
Get Cars Japan, Ltd. is a member of JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association). This organization is government sponsored, and any company with fraudulent claims made against them are unable to maintain membership.

Q: Why do I need to pay a 2% charge if the price of the vehicle exceeds 700,000yen?

A: Our commission works on a sliding scale where we have set a very tight minimum FOB charge for customers buying lower end cars, and add a small percentage for higher end vehicles.  The Japanese consumption tax is 8% which keeps our operating expenses high.  We also pay 8% per auction purchase. Since we do not charge clients this tax, our company needs to offset the outlay of the tax by charging only 2% of the purchase price for higher priced vehicles. You will notice that many companies charge 5% or 8% on all purchases.

Q. Do you inspect the vehicles personally? How can I be sure of the quality and condition?

A: In cases where the auction is in our region, it is often possible to inspect cars and take extra photos. However, due to the auctions being nationwide, it is more common for us to rely on the auction inspector’s comments and markings on the map.
Due to our many years experience with this, we are astute judges of a car’s condition, and can judge the quality and condition of the car very easily.
Customers are always satisfied that the car was in the condition as we described and we stand by our experienced opinion.

Q: What charges besides the auction purchase price do I need to pay?

A: For a car shipping by RORO (Roll On Roll Off), the customer pays an export/commission fee we refer to as FOB (Free on Board) charge.
The discounted rate for this is 65,000yen (to be received within 3 days of the auction ending). Other costs are transport of the car from the auction to the dock (average 5,000yen but can be 20,000yen or more if the auction is far away), and a bank fee of 2,500yen (our bank charges 2,500yen to receive international transfers in Yen).