Changes to New Zealand Import Regulations

The New Zealand Transport Agency has announced Changes to New Zealand Import Regulations: all used class MC vehicles (four-
wheel-drive SUVs and off-road vehicles) will be mandatory to have Electronic Stability Control (ESC) at that time of NZTA border inspection effective on 1st March 2016.

Please take this into account when placing bids on cars bound for New Zealand.
If you are unsure, please make a note in your translation request so we can confirm ESC prior to bidding.

This provision will not apply to:
an immigrant’s vehicle, or
a special interest vehicle, or
a motorsport vehicle that is operated in accordance with the conditions of a valid low volume vehicle authority card issued for the vehicle in accordance with the Low Volume Vehicle Code, or
a vehicle specified in paragraph (a)* of the definition of ‘low volume vehicle’ that was not originally fitted with an electronic stability control system and is certified in accordance with the Low Volume Vehicle Code, or
a motor vehicle manufactured, or first registered outside of New Zealand, twenty years or more before the date of its first certification for entry into service in New Zealand.

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