Accident car transport fees:

The transport fees from the dock can be very very expensive if the car is not driving, and even more if not rolling.
e.g. the suspension is damaged, the transmission is locked, the engine cannot start etc.
For customers bidding on accident cars, we offer our opinion, and cancel some bids if we think it is a high expense risk.
For example, a car in the Nagoya auction:
The transport for a normal car would be JPY 9000 to Osaka by a big car carrier.
But if the car cannot be driven or rolled onto a big car carrier, the transport will be around JPY 38,000 !

For cars like this (and flood cars with water damage) we will email a cancel notification.
If you want to keep the bid, please mail us back as soon as possible and we will bid on the car for you.

We will always do our best to minimize the risk for you, but to help us help you:
Please try to choose cars that have 4 good tires and the wheels are straight.
Good luck finding bargains that will make you profit.


  1. Yeah, it can be a real trouble to ship a damaged car…

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