Domain change to

We are happy to announce our upgraded site and domain is still working as are the Email addresses. We would like to thank all the customers for their support and welcome new customers to try our service. … [Read More...]

Terms of Trade Amendment

We at Get Cars Japan have made further changes to our Terms of Trade.  Active customers have already been sent a copy with a request for confirmation. The Terms on the auction bid function have also been synchronized so it is important that customers are aware of the changes when bidding.  Please … [Read More...]

New One Price

Get Cars Japan has added a new One Price section. The data is additional stock from another source. It is easier to get bargains in live auctions. One Price is best for vehicles you can't find in live auctions. … [Read More...]

Changes to New Zealand Import Regulations

The New Zealand Transport Agency has announced Changes to New Zealand Import Regulations: all used class MC vehicles (four- wheel-drive SUVs and off-road vehicles) will be mandatory to have Electronic Stability Control (ESC) at that time of NZTA border inspection effective on 1st March 2016. Please … [Read More...]

Australian import law changes

New regulations for Australian imports finally announced: Australians will be able to import a new car or motor cycle without the need to go through a local dealer from 2018. But it must have comparable standards to Australia's, be a right-hand drive passenger vehicle, no more than 12 months old … [Read More...]

Negotiation fee change

From July 2015, USS auction group have changed their negotiation fee from 5,000 JPY to 10,000 JPY. At this stage most other auctions still charge 5,000 JPY. Up until now, we have added 5,000 JPY to the auction purchase price for cars purchased through negotiation. NEW INVOICING STRUCTURE … [Read More...]

Accident car transport fees:

The transport fees from the dock can be very very expensive if the car is not driving, and even more if not rolling. e.g. the suspension is damaged, the transmission is locked, the engine cannot start etc. For customers bidding on accident cars, we offer our opinion, and cancel some bids if we … [Read More...]

Find Immaculate Classic Cars in Japanese Auctions

A lot of people don't realize that Japan is the perfect place to buy classic foreign cars in excellent condition, not only Japanese cars. Because cities are close together and most people commute by train, there is a goldmine of classic cars to be found here. Just today a customer found this … [Read More...]